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Go solar is a full-service solar company working with an ambition to serve humanity to its greatest while delivering affordable, quality solar products to its customers. Go Solar Group has taken the initiative to provide economic empowerment to people through solar energy by providing quality education and energy independence while being thoughtful towards constantly declining global health. It strives to provide satisfied services while utilizing its customer’s minimum time and effort.  Below we have discussed Go Solar Group in detail to assist in helping you make the correct choice.

Why Is GO Solar So Important?

Let us understand together what makes Go Solar worth giving a try. Beginning from Go Solar Group’s history, it started operating in 2009 when the concept of utilizing natural sunlight to generate power was not widely known. It proves that the company is experienced enough to deliver quality products because it has been operating for a long time and must have skipped the tests and trials. It promises to provide assistance before installing the solar products that help you understand your energy needs and consumption and decide which product to go with.

Apart from that, the goal and objective of Go Solar Group make it stand out in the market. Unlike other solar companies, Go Solar is working on getting people’s attention towards the world’s two most important matters, i.e., global warming and lack of educational opportunities for needy people. The company uses a portion of its sales from solar installs to micro-finance the equivalent of each customer’s solar array to a Uganda Family. Till date Go Solar Group has provided over 4 million extra hours of clean and cost-effective reading light for children in need via its “Give Solar” Program. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of Go Solar Group that must be in your knowledge for a wiser decision.

The Benefits of Go Solar Group

Fair Assistance to a Layman

Unlike many companies, Go Solar Group believes in handing over the power and charge to the customer only. It convinces rather than forces the customers to buy from them which is a fruitful offer. They provide honest assistance and help you through every step with their team of professionals. They serve their customers at every stage of their purchase, starting with fixing an appointment with an expert that creates a free of cost solar quote for your Utah home. If you are ready, the company will appoint a consultant to review your proposal, including the number of panels needed. Once you are convinced, you can choose from the products offered according to your needs. Not only till products, but Go Solar gives you control over installation options also. It professionally handles the installation process keeping in mind the worth of your Utah home beauty. The ideal part of Go Solar Group is that you can trust them with paperwork also. If you’re new to the discussion, they’ll provide you with options and guide you through every payment method while handling the complicated part themselves. It even guides you through the tax procedures and formal documentation.

Go Solar Is NABCEP Certified

The NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certificate is important to know the market value and the quality of a solar company. It helps avoid scam and purchasing from falsely advertised companies because the certificate is awarded to companies offering quality at an affordable price only. This makes Go Solar a trustworthy solar product company because NABCEP recognizes it through its hard work and advanced quality. So, you don’t have to think twice if you’re investing in the right place with the right product or not. You can be certain that the company will do everything to increase your home’s worth through correct quality solar products.

Equipment and Installation Warranties

When making an investment as big as the solar system, people want to make sure if the company is confident enough and ready or not to assist if anything goes against the plan. With Go Solar Group, you don’t have to worry about the equipment and installation at all. The company offers warranties to maximize the trust of their customers against problems that may occur after installation. Go Solar offers a 10-year workmanship warranty, a 10-year warranty on SMA panels, and a 25-year panel production warranty.

Drawbacks Of Go Solar Group

Limited Availability

Where most companies are striving to cover the maximum area inside and outside their local boundaries, the only drawback of Go Solar Group is their limited availability. They provide services only in Utah and Nevada that force the non-Utah customer to compromise on Go Solar’s quality service and purchase from companies working in their area. No doubt the Go Solar enjoys a great reputation among Utah residents, but it must think out of the box and expand its exposure and service area. This will bring more reviews and revenue to the company to successfully carry out the initiative of helping humanity through solar.


Overall, Go Solar Group is a good to go option with a high return on investment for Utah residents as the company covers everything a customer is looking for. With Go Solar products, you can enjoy a long-term relief from the hassle of reinvesting in solar products while maximizing the saving of budget allocated to power and utility bills.

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