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1 Solar has been an instant hit since the time it started providing innovative solar panels all across the state of Utah. The company makes sure that the clients get a smooth paperwork process and an easier installation to make solar panels accessible for everyone. This makes it a potential choice for the people who are laymen to this discussion and want to give a shot to solar-powered energy sources. Below is present the review that might help you ascertain the importance of 1 Solar and make a wiser decision ahead:

What makes 1 Solar so important?

Let us share with you some interesting facts about the company that might add to its credibility. 1 Solar Utah started working in 2013 which was quite late because till then, many big firms have already made their debut in the market. Despite it, the company caught the attention of the locals when it started providing solar panels at a comparatively lower rate and reaching the far-off areas in Utah, connecting the state with a stable solar panel network. This was the reason that just after 4 years, in 2017, 1 Solar Utah reaches to the list of top 500 solar contractors as per the Solar Power World magazine, securing the 259th position.

Apart from this, the company stood out when it reached the area as much as 1500 km, delivering renewable and advanced solar panels all across the Wasatch front. 1 Solar Utah guarantees that your house gets the equipment that is more relevant and best to cut down on your energy expenditure. This is something that can be fruitful in the long run when you’d see less scary electricity bills and a decrease in the budget allotted to power sources. They have got many offers as per your house designing which would cast a positive impact not only on your pocket but also on the longevity of the products. Let us see the pros and cons that you might come across while making this purchase:

The Brighter Side of 1 Solar Utah:

  • Enphase Premium Installer:

The company strongly believes that the customers deserve to know the real output and the consumption values of their solar panel and this is why the Enphase Premium Installer serves as a game-changer. It is a renowned name in the race of solar inverter technology, which has done significant work to make solar panels produce the same energy at a cheaper rate. Besides, it has also helped monitor the performance of each solar panel, which is a big advantage, if you are thinking of buying multiple panels for your working place.

This aspect justifies its importance in two ways, firstly you get to check the accurate power consumption that can come in handy to prevent the exploitation of energy sources. Secondly, you can keep an eye on the output power that would maintain the graph of the panel’s optimal efficiency.

  • NABCEP certification:

This is another factor that adds to the integrity of 1 Solar Utah. The company is recognized by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners i.e. NABCEP so you don’t have to think twice before investing your money in their solar panel plans. This certificate holds great importance because you might see it with only the names that provide exceptional solar installation services at a reasonable standard rate. The company shows an efficient working force that has made its way through the advanced training, so it will leave no stone unturned to make your house have the best solar panel in all the neighborhood.

Let us tell you that even if you go for any other energy provider, this feature matters in all aspects. It can play an essential role in avoiding scams and falsely advertised companies which have become hard to escape since the rise of solar energy appliances.

Shortcomings of 1 Solar Utah:

  • Confined availability:

This is truly a disappointing fact that 1 Solar Utah has confined itself to the local solar market only. When every company is trying to go beyond the local circle, this can turn out to be quite challenging for the companies like this one. Although 1 Solar enjoys a great reputation among the residents of Utah, yet the ever-increasing influence of overly commercialized companies can give it a hard time. Companies with a more national presence depict a threatening factor that could cost local providers all the effort they have applied in reaching the present level.

This is why the company’s confined availability forms a con and prompts the users to go for the ones that they can find outside Utah as well. It can be rectified by increasing the company’s exposure and panel’s delivery to the neighboring state, which in turn can bring a hoard of positive reviews.

  • Compromised warranty:

This is one of those cons that people usually miss out on and only realize when it’s too late. The company gives a 25-year warranty for the Enphase inverters that is bigger than what the other pricey providers offer you. In the same way, it provides you with a 12-year warranty for the VSun solar panels that adds to its credibility. However, the conflict arises when you notice that nowhere does the company mention any warranty for its workmanship on its official website. Now regular consumers might overlook this drawback, but when it comes to the new ones, this feature can be a potential harm to the company’s reputation.

Having this warranty means that the consumers are welcome to get in touch with the company if anything goes wrong with the installation process or the panel starts showing glitches. In comparison to this, 1 Solar Utah’s rival companies might cost more but they give you a 20 year plus warranty with free help from the experts.

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