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What Savings Will I See With Solar?

How Much Can Solar Power Save You?
How Much Can Solar Power Save You?

Having solar can provide between $10,000 and $30,000 of dollars of savings for your family over the next 20 years. SolarWorks uses proprietary solar industry tools to see if going solar is right for you.  As long as your roof has good East, South or West facing surface, your solar panels will produce so much electricity, that the overflow will go back to “the grid” and help feed your neighbor’s electrical needs.

For every kW your panels put back on the grid, you earn credit with your utility company for a kW your house uses when your panels are not producing electricity (at night, or during winter months). This is called “net metering.” Solar is a source of electricity that is clean, renewable and sustainable.

SolarWorks in Utah helps home owners lower their electricity bills with solar power. Going solar frees you from the rising costs of your utility provider. While your neighbors will have power bills that increase with the rising utility costs, your bill can remain low because you purchased solar panels through SolarWorks.

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