How Do I Save Money With SolarWorks?

SolarWorks is not a typical solar sales company. We become partners with our customers to see how they can save money by producing their own electricity. We are a licensed electrical contractor who consults and installs solar for our customers.

First, we obtain the amount of electricity you use in a given year to make sure we design a system large enough to off-set the amount of electricity you buy. This number is either obtained from your utility provider, or it can be found on your power bill as a “kW” or kilowatt hour.

The solar panels for the system we design for you are warrantied for 25 years.Spanish Fork - SolarWorks Install

Depending on if you purchase your solar system with cash or have it financed, you will typically see savings on day one. Either by having little or no electric bill (through cash purchase). Or, the price of the system is amortized over 12 or 20 years with a home improvement loan, or depending on the equity in your home, a Home Equity Line of Credit. Monthly payments are lower than your current bill.

As long as your roof has good East, South or West facing surface, your solar panels will produce so much electricity, that the overflow will go back to “the grid” and help feed your neighbor’s electrical needs. For every kW your panels put back on the grid, you earn credit with your utility company for a kW your house uses when your panels are not producing electricity (at night, or during winter months). This is called “net metering.”


Own Your Power, Don’t Rent

The average cost per kW in 2011 was 8 cents. The average cost was 10.71 in 2014. That is an average increase of 10% per year.

With solar, our customers are not at the mercy of the rising prices of electricity each year. Our customers will save tens of thousands of dollars in energy savings from the electrical power generation from the solar panels they own.

This is how SolarWorks can help you, “Let The Sun Work For You!”

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