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We love making Utah Residents happy by offering great value, quality and customer service! Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying about SolarWorks!


    Mary Harris, Herriman, Utah

“We started researching solar panel options last year and ended talking with 4 different companies. Each appointment was different with each company giving conflicting information and several of the companies bashed each other. Also there was a huge price difference between the various companies. Kevin from SolarWorks was able explain the difference between the panels and types of inverters. He gave us a few options that were in a much more manageable price range. He wasn’t pushy and responded to whatever questions we had. After weighing all of our options we felt SolarWorks was the best option. The installers were wonderful and were happy to install our inverter in our garage. We would definitely recommend SolarWorks to anyone considering getting solar panels.”


   Nils Rassmusson, Saratoga Springs, Utah

“We had SolarWorks install our 32 panel system on our home and we were impressed by their options, their candor and their professionalism. We had our panels installed as soon as the city would allow it and they even managed to get them installed in the dead of winter on a tight deadline in order to get get them in by the end of the tax year. Now that they’re in, we’re generating more than enough electricity to replace our entire power bill, which is excellent.

SolarWorks also helped us with all of the questions we had regarding warranties, panel types, and reporting. They gave us a host of options to go with but they knew enough to make some great suggestions. After shopping around and talking to several installers, we decided SolarWorks was the right company to go with and we haven’t regretted it one bit – especially after hearing how much some of our neighbors have paid for similar systems! I’d recommend SolarWorks to anyone considering going solar for sure.”


   Chris Chidester, Riverton, Utah

“For the short story: I highly recommend Solarworks, Inc. based on their presentation, professionalism, installation and importantly price but if you want the long story read on.

I was contacted one day in my driveway by two very professional gentlemen Nick and his partner of SolarWorks, Inc. and asked if I would like to get a quote to install Solar on my home. It did not take me long after listening to their presentation to convince me that this was going to be an easy decision. However, with all things, I like to investigate the reputation of the people I am about to deal with and of course check pricing. To my surprise after getting several quotes from other solar installation companies I found SolarWorks, Inc. to be very competitive in fact almost 20% more competitive than the next lowest bid. This also concerned me so in my research of their company although I could not find a lot of information on them as a recently new company to the Utah Market I did not find anything bad. I then immediately contacted them to get the paperwork started. They worked quickly once the paperwork was processed to complete the system which does take some time and I can now say that I have a system that so far only three months in since start up is delivering as they said it would completely extinguishing our power bill with the exception of a very small fee of under 10.00 for Rocky Mountain Power to Service the new system. My wife and I are very satisfied with the way it all kind of blends into the roof of the home and the installation they provided us. This was a no brainer to both of us as we are getting older and looking into ways to reduce our fixed costs during our retirement years and also take advantage of the incentives while the last. It is also a great selling factor of a home, as a buyer wants to know what they are to expect for utility costs to run the home that they are going to be purchasing, all things to think about.”


   Kristy Hunter, Eagle Mountain, Utah

We love our solar panels!! Gary Todd and Solar Works were awesome to work with, he was able to get our solar panels up before the end of 2015 which all the other companies said was impossible. Our summer bill for electric was $9 each month. He has been great with following up with us and always willing to answer questions. If you want solar panels, you can’t beat the personal customer service and high quality that Solar Works will give you. Sometimes the little guy out there is really the best. Skip those big label brands, You won’t regret it!!

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