Did You Know Solar Panels Can Cost You Nothing?

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is “How much does it cost?” Obviously the answer is going to depend on several factors but for most customers we can work it out to where they’re paying the same for solar as they had been for their grid power, but only for a limited time. Then what? Then you’ve paid for your entire system and you pay nothing at all except the minimum required power bill just for being on the grid.

The savings here are pretty incredible – as in $15k-30k in savings! No joke. We conservatively estimate what the power companies will charge over the next 25 years and it isn’t pretty. By going solar now, you can start saving immediately and really save as time goes by. So what are you waiting for? The federal government is offering great incentives to go solar. The state of Utah is too! Give us a call today!Solar Panels Installed in Utah

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